The MULTIPLE project will strengthen EU photonics manufacturing base. Cost-efficiency, flexibility, high productivity and quality attained thanks to MULTIPLE solutions will allow laser, optical measurement and image processing equipment, companies in Europe to compete glob ally through a breakthrough technology in manufacturing, thus benefiting from business opportunities in fast growing markets.

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IRIS Technology Group

The IRIS Technology Group is an advanced engineering Group that was established in Barcelona in 2007. Since 2011, it also operates from Dublin (Ireland) whereas the Barcelona office is referred to as IRIS Technology Solutions S.L. It specializes in the manufacture and integration of Process Analytical Technology (PAT)-based real-time quality monitoring solutions for the process industries and IoT systems for smart manufacturing, predominantly targeted at the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In particular, our product line comprises proprietary state-of-the-art IR analyzers for at-line and in-line process monitoring.

On the one hand, our solutions are based on the latest developments in photonics in the fields of MEMs, Near Infrared Spectroscopy, Hyperspectral Imaging, and Raman. On the other hand, we leverage ICTs, whereby we apply Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining techniques for predictive and active control, as well as for decision support systems. In addition to photonics-based analyzers, we also work with IoT sensors for enabling equipment and machinery for smart manufacturing and transitioning industry to the Industry4.0 paradigm. Our solutions are cloud-based for mobility, remote monitoring and multi-site applications.

Our Innovation Division which is governed by an Innovation Committee comprising Senior Management, and an Innovation Unit for managing and executing the companies innovation roadmap, has 3 core strategic lines, for shaping the Factory of the Future:

  1. New optical photonics-based technologies and PAT systems for production process optimization
  2. ICTs (Artificial intelligence / machine learning, IOT & cloud platforms)
  3. Circular and Bio-based Economy: digitalization and waste valorization

In addition to running an internal R&D program, as well as carrying our various joint private projects with industry partners, our Innovation Division is highly experienced in working in collaborative R&D projects in H2020 (both as coordinators and partners), principally in the SPIRE, FoF, and BBI programs. The company was established in 2007 and currently employs 60+ staff with a turnover of € 5 M. It is equipped with engineering workshops (3), food testing and wet chemistry laboratory, optics labs (2), and an electronics/telecommunications lab. IRIS is ISO 9001:2008 certified and also is certified under UNE-EN-ISO 166002: Management Systems R&D&i. We are also certified by the local (Catalonian) government as a provider of technological R&D services (Tecnio Certification). IRIS is a member of the following sectorial networks: SPIRE, SPIE and SECPHO, in addition to regional industrial collectives such as Smart Space (association of companies and organizations that specialize in the ‘smartification’ of industry).

IRIS has a matrix of multidisciplinary knowledge groups in the company with strong expertise in engineering and science. With its team and resources, including electronics, mechatronics, mechanical, optical, industrial design engineers, as well as specialists in system engineering, application programming and web development etc. the group can carry out full system design and engineering, including electronic design and assembly, firmware and software development, electrical harnesses and interconnections, mechanical design for enclosure and prototype integration, as well as installation, validation and industrialization of prototypes and equipment in production plants. As such they have recently delivered advanced plastic sorting devices. In addition to this broad cross- disciplinary engineering team, IRIS’ research team consists of data scientists, chemometricians, chemists and physicists, among others, who have the expertise to validate the technologies developed.

IRIS will support WP2-3 where they will design the suitable NIR system for the processes under consideration as well as their chemometrics calibration but also in WP6 for the integration and validation of the different systems in the production lines. Finally, they will contribute to the project dissemination and plan an outmost exploitation of their results.