The MULTIPLE project will strengthen EU photonics manufacturing base. Cost-efficiency, flexibility, high productivity and quality attained thanks to MULTIPLE solutions will allow laser, optical measurement and image processing equipment, companies in Europe to compete glob ally through a breakthrough technology in manufacturing, thus benefiting from business opportunities in fast growing markets.

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MULTIPLEUpcoming events EPIC Meeting on Fiber Sensors at HBK FiberSensing

EPIC Meeting on Fiber Sensors at HBK FiberSensing

19 – 20 April 2023 (Porto Portugal)

MULTIPLE is attending the EPIC Meeting on Fiber Sensors at HBK FiberSensing to happen on 19-20 April 2023,  Porto Portugal.

Due to the continuing rapid growth in demand for EM immune, electrically passive, and very accurate sensors with very small dimensions, a fast evolution in the field of sensors based on optical fibers has been noticed. There is a strong need of finding new fabrication technologies and materials to cover the requirements of the new parameters to be measured and the use of sensors in harsh environments such as nuclear plants or oil & gas facilities. Emerging applications include temperature and vibration sensors, humidity measurements, predictive maintenance, measurement of electrical and magnetic quantities, rail transport, product pipelines characterization and leakages detection or structural health monitoring. Integrated circuits used in point-of-care and wearable devices or in vitro and in vivo systems also demands fiber sensors with special characteristics.

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