The MULTIPLE project will strengthen EU photonics manufacturing base. Cost-efficiency, flexibility, high productivity and quality attained thanks to MULTIPLE solutions will allow laser, optical measurement and image processing equipment, companies in Europe to compete glob ally through a breakthrough technology in manufacturing, thus benefiting from business opportunities in fast growing markets.

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Project description

MULTIPLE will develop cost-effective multimodal monitoring solutions with a breakthrough impact on production quality and efficiency. It will bring cutting-edge organic-electronics-based sensors, snapshot hyperspectral filters and dual-aperture imaging to deliver cost-effective spectrometers and camera cores in a broad VIS/SWIR range, complemented with cost effective laser-based chemometric sensors in the MWIR. On top of these sensors, MULTIPLE will develop novel multimodal monitoring systems that will be IoT native, by combining them with cloud, big data, and deep learning for agile development and orchestration of complex AI-based models to optimize production improving EU manufacturing competitiveness.

Application areas

The technology developed by MUTLIPLE will initially be implemented in three application areas:

Steel manufacturing

For optimising the steel manufacturing process, the MULTIPLE project aims to implement the technologies to optimise the furnace combustion, control the furnace temperature and monitor the real temperature of the slab in the rolling mill.


For the woodworking processes, the MULTIPLE project aims to implement the technologies to measure parameters such as humidity, density and the elasticity of the raw input material both before and during the processes as well as defect detection and colour inspection of the finished product.

Food industry

For the food industry, the MULTIPLE project aims to implement the technologies to improve the quality control within the manufacturing process and measure things like the viscosity, sugar content, grain size of the sugar and other quality product characteristics such as glossiness and texture.