The MULTIPLE project will strengthen EU photonics manufacturing base. Cost-efficiency, flexibility, high productivity and quality attained thanks to MULTIPLE solutions will allow laser, optical measurement and image processing equipment, companies in Europe to compete glob ally through a breakthrough technology in manufacturing, thus benefiting from business opportunities in fast growing markets.

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Multi-modal spectral sensors and cameras

MULTIPLE is developing a complete set of cost effective and compact multi-modal monitoring systems, capable to probe the very specific information carried by photons in different spectral bands spanning a broad range from 0.5 µm to 5 µm wavelength.

Over the last decades, computational imaging technology has become a key part of most consumer cameras in any format. MULTIPLE is expanding on the technologies available and developing new ones to create multi-modal spectral sensors that are ideal for applications in an industrial environment for improved process and quality control.



Working spectral range of 0.4 – 5.0 μm.



VIS – Surface and volume geometry definition, spectrally-resolved colourimetric assessment.

SWIR – hyperspectral estimation of mechanical properties, multi-wavelength high temperature thermography.

MWIR – chemical composition estimation.

With these technologies MULTIPLE will be able to monitor amongst others composition, surface structure, thermal gradients, temperature, colorimetry shape, formaldehyde, and gas composition, providing huge potential for integrated process monitoring and control.

The technologies for multi-modal spectral sensors and cameras can be split into three groups:

Compact spectral sensors

MULTIPLE will integrate snapshot sensor technology in a new cost effective and high throughput camera core featuring high quality and robust image pre-processing and interconnectivity. Read more >>>

Dual aperture cameras

MULTIPLE is developing a dual-aperture HSI broadband camera covering the VIS, NIR and SWIR. This system combines two camera cores, one CMOS and one InGaAs, on a single frame. Read more >>>

Spectrometers analysers

MULTIPLE is developing cost-effective and versatile spectrometers for accurate chemometric analysis covering a wide spectral range form (0.4-5µm). Read more >>>